Suffolk OTB President and CEO, Phil Boyle, hosted our “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” kickoff event at Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel. Attending the kickoff were our dedicated county elected officials, including District Attorney Ray Tierney, along with representatives from numerous local breast cancer organizations. The event paid tribute to breast cancer survivors and activists who are “raising awareness and inspiring hope” as we continue our fight to find a cure.

Long-time activist, Geri Barish, the Executive Director of Hewlett House and President of 1 in 9: The Long Island Breast Cancer Action Coalition, was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award during the ceremony. Ms. Barish is a 5-time cancer survivor who dedicated the last 50 years to improving the lives of cancer patients and their families. As seen on News 12, Geri Barish, was honored with a lifetime achievement award. Suffolk County legislators, Jake’s 58 Suffolk OTB and others honored the five-time cancer survivor for her work educating the public about cancer and fighting for funding and research.

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Jake’s 58 is privileged to be a part of the Long Island community and we, along with our team members and many of our patrons, will continue to support this vital cause.