Jake’s 58 Casino allows people to donate winnings to help Ukraine.

For the next month or so, gamblers at Jake’s 58 Casino will have the option at cash-out machines to donate part of their winnings to the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

Tony Pancella, the president and CEO of Suffolk County OTB, says they are “kicking it off with a $10,000 donation” courtesy of the OTB and Jake’s.

The donations are going to the Northwell Ukrainian Global Relief Fund, which is helping hospitals in desperate need of supplies.

An untold amount of civilians, children and troops have been killed and cities have been left in ruins in the one month since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

For Ukrainian-born Riverhead resident Nazar Podola, the efforts of so many are going a long way.

“It makes me really appreciate the community I’m in,” said Podola, who has loved ones in the war zone.

“A lot of people now are leaving their country and refugees are staying in my city because it was supposed to be the safest place to be – and it’s no longer safe,” she said.

Oksana Khlopa, of Kings Park, has been watching too. She came to the U.S. from Ukraine in 2005 and has felt sad and scared hearing from loved ones back home. She drove to meet our News 12 morning crew with a message:

“Everybody that’s donated anything – every little thing means a lot to Ukrainian people. They have their bags packed, and they are leaving and fleeing their homes. Everything being donated is so greatly appreciated.”

Before going to work on her own fundraiser she spearheaded in Kings Park, she made the first donation at Jake’s 58.

“I’m not thinking, ‘It could’ve been me.’ It would’ve been me,” she said.

There are many places, people and organizations that are trying to help humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. The Terry Farrell Foundation usually donates volunteer firefighter gear to other houses in need across the country. They are going international now, sending as much as possible to help those on the front lines in Ukraine.